Will Grace

I have been playing horn for thirteen years and graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019. I am currently pursuing my Master of Music at USC and will complete my degree in 2021. I am actively trying to build my music career in Los Angeles and I play many roles for different groups. I am a freelance horn player and I play with groups including the American Youth Symphony and Santa Monica Symphony. I am also the Administrative Coordinator for the Santa Monica Symphony and help them with the logistics of running an orchestra. I also get to play horn with them frequently. In addition to all of that I work as a freelance Audio Engineer. I record and stream performances for other groups and musicians. Between my different jobs I get to participate in music as a performer, sound engineer, and arts administrator. I love to see the different sides of what goes into making music. When I am not pursuing one of my music related passions I love to play video games online with friends and exercise. 

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